Buying Real Estate



Whether you are looking for your first home, 2nd home, retirement home or investment home, we have helped hundreds of clients find just the right real estate for their needs.  When you have made the decision to buy you want to make sure you are seeing everything on the market that meets your criteria. With the advances of internet searches today, this part of the home buying process is now easy to do.. even in your bunny slippers from the comforts of home. Sometimes though seeing a page full of listings is merely data- not necessarily information. This is where we can help. The Morrow Group can translate this data into actual information that you can understand. Perspective, analysis, insight on the homes, the neighborhoods, current developments and trends…we do the research and you get the information that you are looking for so you can make the best decision for your needs.


Keep in mind, the home buying search, is just one part of the process. The offer, negotiations, inspections and closing processes can literally make or break a deal and turn the home buying process from a pleasant experience into a horrible one. This is where having an experienced REALTOR® with high integrity can benefit you and your end goal. No matter the person or budget, The Morrow Group uses the same level of professionalism and effort with each and every client.


“THE BEST SCHOOLS IN THE STATE”– So you are looking to retire here and don’t have children, so what do you care about good schools?  You should care, there is a direct correlation between those areas for good and steady home value appreciation and good schools.


Do you have young children who you would like to attend a specific school such as the public Ocean Palms Elementary or the private Bolles School?

Use the links below to get more information about Northeast Florida’s school systems.

Public Schools:

Do you want to know what school your address is zoned for? Click the links below.

Private Schools:

Read reviews and get ratings on local public and private schools here.